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Originally Posted by Gshonk View Post
Haha yea most of them are.

Not true at all, it just seems like those are the ones that you like to play the most.

Well you have to realize these songs are picked to sell units so they are going to pick the most popular, and most fun to play, songs on the music market.
Well, I do actually enjoy games from other countries. I think LittleBigPlanet was a very neat game and provided alot, and Fallout 3 seemed like alot of fun, but I think one of the most impressive is the Valve collection in the American market. Of course, you don't see too many FPS's from Japan because, and I quote "It makes us dizzy", which is quite odd actually. Anyhow, it's not that alot of them suck or anything, it's just that alot of them aren't really something to talk about like they were back in the day. I could listen to SF2's soundtrack all day or Donkey Kong Country's.

If that last statement is true though, that explains alot "^^ Not to be mean to any person out there, but the majority of people who listen to music, listen to the crap that's played on the radio. I mean, Soulja Boy? He's complete and utter trash (No offense to anyone out there). But anyhow, music is not about popularity and game companies should realize that.

It's more or less a way to express your emotions or make something that sound good to you or seems like it would sound good for what it's meant through inspiration. RadioHead isn't one of the greatest bands out there right now because they were trying to become popular and make money, Hell, they pretty much gave out their last album "In Rainbows" for free. They didn't even care afterwards that people were getting it for free.

Anyhow, allow me to take SF4 into example again. When the songs were made for that game, the emotion was just not there. It sounded straight up as if the music was made in an attempt to please the masses because apparently, Electronica is popular nowadays. There was no expression felt in the music though and it practically felt sooo hollow that I felt the blind blowing through my soul in emptyness and my ears shatter. Not to offend anyone again, but the majority likes very generic and simplified music and that's what the theme was, I was just surprised that the majority actually REJECTED it. I guess it was too horrible even for them, which was a shocker.

Anyhow, perhaps it's just me *Sigh* I don't know...
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