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Originally Posted by Adrir View Post
In my opinion, I feel it is important to make that game developers understand that to effectivley leverage music, they need to recruit composers who understand both appropriate music forms (not neccessarily classic) and the contexts of game music. If you want professional music, then hire experienced professionals. Furthermore, I feel it is neccessary to involve them as early as appropriate in order to align the soundscape with the overall aesthetic of the game. Don't just tack sound and music on at the end!

I think there are many examples of games that have excellent scores. Many JRPGs by Square-Enix including the Final Fantasy series, Lost Odyssey, Chrono Trigger and other JRPGs such as Xenosaga (Monolith), DotHack (CyberConnect2) and the Metal Gear Solid series (Konami) have a lot to offer. Outside of Japan, there are a variety of games that have wonderful music too. The WestWood's (& EA's) Command & Conquer series immediately jumps to mind, in addition to Blizzard's Diablo series and games such as Bungie's Halo 3 and Bioware's Mass Effect.

Jeremy Soule has been producing music for games for a long time and I am rarely dissapointed. Using Guild Wars as an example, while the gameplay is somewhat different to traditional MMORPGs, the music carries the narritive very effectively. Each region of the game is effectively captured using a variety of styles and moods. Jon Hallur has made some wonderful tracks for EvE Online and released them to the community. Martin O'Donnell's work on Halo and Jack Wall's for Mass Effect - simply incredible. Possibly some of the best examples of orchestral work in games released in the last few years.

In fact, some of my favourite pieces of music in general have featured in popular titles. These include works by Yuki kajiura, Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mitsuda. Three very excellent composers whom, in my opinion, can effectivily exploit music to convey the emotion in a scene or gameplay.
Exactly, it does so very well. Maybe it's perhaps not the musicians but the designer's fault for these problems. One of my favorite video game composers though is Yoko Shimomura, she sees music in a way that I believe it was meant to be seen. Nowadays, most people would say this about the music in video games (And I quote) "Who the fuck cares about the music?! It's not important to the game!"

Feels like a knife was stabbed through my heart. Now, I'm not looking to be a video game composer, but as a musician (Not professional per say), it felt like a knife was stabbed through my heart. Anyhow, another example of a great composer is Akira Yamaoka, and to those punks I'd say, "You know that fear that's instilled to you when you play Silent Hill? It's because of the music." And this man knows it. If I'm not mistaken, he eventually became a Producer, which is quite odd, I didn't think you could go from being a video game composer and become a Producer. Personally, I'm not sure I'd do such a thing nowadays cause people would probably expect you to make games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero, and that isn't my "thing".

Anyhow, after reading what was said, it's probably now the gamer's faults as well as developers partially for the lack of luster in music. They don't appreciate what's given to them and so, here we are. But no matter where you go, even if you see a shitty movie, play a crappy game, you can sometimes find really good or amazing music.

You probably know this game. One of the worst ever, though unfinished. Even so, the song was considered pretty amazing.

This game wasn't too popular either (But I think it was pretty good and very fun), but again, the music is pretty "kickin". Anyhow, I just hope that people realize just how important the music is in games and start appreciating it more. The emotion brought about, the excitement and motivation, the ambience or emotion brought by brilliant and fitting music is just so important. Hell, for my project to one of my classes, we have to make a simple game (The game I made is really simple, you have to dodge these missiles that are falling at you by pressing left and right. It looks like crap and I gave it an atari looking style. It's not the Atari style that looks like crap, but I just suck at drawing), but anyhow, I composed my own music for the game.

I used Frooty Loops though, I'm disappointed in my work cause it's off beat by a little. I know a bit of music theory, so that's the only reason I was able to get it to be decent (I'm not too good with Frooty Loops), though I prefer to actually use a keyboard or my bass guitar, however... My brother screwed up my keyboard a little and my bass is missing a string and I have no money right now. T_T
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