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Originally Posted by bob View Post

Yeah, the game could have been fun. But he was given the opportunity to come up with ANY arcade-sized game he could think of! And he came up with a TOTALLY run-of-the-mill shmup! It's such a waste of an opportunity. I wish I'd known about the contest. Maybe I'm deluding myself, but I'm pretty sure I could have come up with a better game.
I don't know, I like shmups alot and it's not as easy to make one as a person might think. But arcade games are harder to make cause you're kind of limited on what to make in a way, something that's kind of short but at the same time, something kind of hard. The most popular genres on arcade carts nowadays are fighters (Thanks to Trash Fighter 4) and people want 3D graphics and not 2D graphics cause "2D graphics are shit and undetailed" even though they take more effort, time, and money to make. It's hard to make a crowd pleaser though on arcades. The best way to make one though, and something I would have made is a fighting game. I already have a design for one that has what people call "Lots of innovation" though, I have many concerns about it even though it's caught many people's attention.
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