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Originally Posted by bob View Post
It seems strange to me you'd be advocating for a mundane Shmup that I could play on my MAME emulator if you're fighting game has "lots of innovation." Obviously you recognize that every genre has tons of room for improvement - so why keep them the same? Even if it IS fun, I can get the same experience somewhere else. This guy wasted the opportunity by not really doing anything new.

For example, there is another shmup on that same exact website that actually takes steps at innovation by giving you player-guided weapons and bosses that complement them. Bam. That wasn't hard. And I bet that game would be much more compelling to play.
Well, I'm not trying to be arrogant, personally, I don't care whether it's innovative or not, I just felt complimented when people said it and in a positive manner. But here's the thing, my idea is a bit complicated and would probably be impossibleish. With his thing, it seems like it'll be way more organized and doable. Mine's definitely not impossible, but it'd take sooo much time and resources. You see what I mean? That's probably something that both you and I lack, Hell, I'm sure you could do something badass if you had what you need though, as long as it's something YOU want to happen.

The fighting game I'm talking about, I really want to happen, not because I want to make money but because I think it would be such an awesome idea and it's like one of my favorite designers said "I made a game, I wanted to play." The reason I believe this is an amazing Philosophy is because I want to play a GREAT game or what I think will be a great game. Anyhow, I just think the it'd be a fun shmup idea is all, you hardly see people making em as much anymore, though Dodonpachi Fuutari came out not too long ago. Plus, it's not that bad of an idea, I think he deserves some credit.
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