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Originally Posted by dreamshade View Post
I think, honestly, his game COULD be fun, but he didn't articulate why. He didn't describe any differences in characters, he didn't talk about any new mechanics. He said, it's gonna be a shmup - except with wizards instead of spaceships and with versus mode. That's probably a pitch that needs a little sharpening.
Yeah, I think it would be fun too. I just thought he had missed an opportunity, given the freedom he had, to design a really awesome game. I don't think it would be a bad game, I'm disappointed from a design standpoint that he didn't take such an AMAZING opportunity ("we'll develop any game for you, for free") to do something that really advances a genre.

For instance, Thrown and the one about cars and snipers are both things I've never seen before (though I have had fun running people over in wart hogs). Not that they'll necessarily be amazing games, but I respect them more because the guys are trying something new. Maybe people won't like it, or maybe we'll fall in love with it. Either way, they're exploring their genres, which is the right way to find new fun games to play.
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