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Originally Posted by Retro View Post

You know, normally I would say "That's a bit harsh, don't you think?" But it really is true; I myself realized I was never going to get a game design job where I used to live (Indiana), and out of my options Philadelphia would at least be a step up.

There's actually a lot of people here (and in nearby Baltimore) who are trying to get things going, and we actually just had our own gaming convention (and surprise, it wasn't in somebody's basement). The local IGDA chapter is also really close knit and friendly, though I regrettably haven't been able to attend any events yet.

Even though I'm not in a position to return to school or able to focus all of my efforts on getting into the industry, at least I can say that when I am ready, there will be resources nearby. That's a lot more than I can say with where I used to live, so... by all means, as if there was any doubt; listen to the Sloper. The Sloper is good, the Sloper is wise.

*Sigh* Yeah... I know... I'm just sad cause I know that eventually, I'm going to have to leave Michigan. I mean, I hate the city of Detroit it's self and live in the "Metro Detroit" area, but I also realize that I'm not going to make a living as a game designer if I stay here. Still though, I'll miss my family and friends when I do take off one day.
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