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Originally Posted by Siberianhusky89 View Post
*Sigh* Yeah... I know... I'm just sad cause I know that eventually, I'm going to have to leave Michigan. I mean, I hate the city of Detroit it's self and live in the "Metro Detroit" area, but I also realize that I'm not going to make a living as a game designer if I stay here. Still though, I'll miss my family and friends when I do take off one day.
It's not an easy decision, I know. I had a hard time doing it myself, but it really is part of growing up, and that's just the cost of following your own road.

- You can work at some terrible job that you hate, and spend your weekends complaining to your family. You'll likely be unhappy, and your family will know it.

- You can move away, get a job you enjoy, and fly back often on the holidays. You'll see your family less, but they'll know you're happy and be proud of your accomplishments.
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