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Originally Posted by bob View Post
Siberian, that post made the hair on the back of my neck go up. It sounds like the beginning of an epic rpg.

Also, here's to making something of ourselves.
Thanks Bob XD Cheers to that and I hope things go well for not just you, but all of us. Though, I wish I was that articulate in real life. I have a harder time expressing my emotions through words. In real life, I'm actually quite an oddball and what some may consider an "outcast". I see the World much differently than most people and don't belong anywhere because of it. Alot of people pretend they want to be like that, but if they'd ever get there, they won't cause I'm not what people would consider "professional", "charming", or "cool".

I'm a type of person who tries to stick to what he believes without trying to follow a crowd. I love things people wouldn't normally love and take things seriously things people wouldn't give two craps about like music, video games, stories, morals, ethics and a lot of subjective matters. The values for such things have deteriorated it seems. Not a lot of people seem to care whether a song is considered "good", the idea of morals, rights, wrongs, and anything that isn't fact doesn't appear to matter anymore. Quite sad in my opinion... Anyhow, I feel depressing stating all this XD But that's why I worry so much about making it, cause it feels like nobody cares for what I care about.
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