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I am also interested in going into this area, and was wondering if there is anyone here who has persued this further than me who can give some advice? I'm 19-years-old and currently a second year print journalism student at university. It's good fun. I am also a writer for an online game magazine which I enjoy doing. I do love to write.

I really want to go into games journalism as a career, preferably in a staff position (as opposed to freelance where I think a lot of games journalists are).

My english result at A level wasn't too hot, but I got into my primary choice at university and I'm not doing too bad. I would recomend the university route to anyone, as it's great fun and you gain a lot of practical knowledge, but not necessarily in the area of games (although I play far too many in my spare time).

It helps to be passionate about what you write, and so for a video games nut it should not be too difficult.

Anyway, lets keep this topic rolling
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