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Originally Posted by bob View Post
Finally, a game trying to tackle the taboo and terrifying attraction all older women feel to young boys.
Cougar: The Videogame?

I've been thinking a bit, just throwing out some random concepts and seeing where they lead. Arguably most of the concepts take the statue to be sentient, but I've been toying with other ideas. Everything from a reversal of Pinocchio (real boy in a world of robots wants to become a robot) to one really bizarre idea where a city is populated with humans, turned to statues, that the boy can communicate with and must free.

Mostly, I'm trying to avoid my initial approach of having the boy and the statue working together. I can't help but feel that the 'help the character' gameplay has been overdone lately (and Ico nailed it pretty well to begin with right out of the gate, more or less). I'm sure there's a lot of room for that particular mechanic to grow, but I feel like that's the all-too-obvious approach here.

No idea what my submission will be, if I manage to get one together this weekend.

Right now, I am leaning towards a sort of modern-day fantasy (or modern day in an alternative history) where the statues are actually unfortunate victims who ran afoul a villain. The boy serves as a catalyst, speaking to and then playing out the story of each individual, from their perspective, right before they were transformed. It would basically tell a singular story from multiple perspectives over a great period of time (remember, they're statues; they could be centuries old).

I like the idea of having a large narrative broken up into personalized chunks, and I'm kind of toying with the idea of how each statue handles different elements. From a gameplay perspective, each statue's actions and abilities are different. That's been done before too, but one unique element would be the Boy being present regardless of which statue's story you're in.

Dunno. Still tinkering with the idea, what I submit may be completely off from this. Feel free to expand on any of these ideas if you like. The whole "Each Statue's Story" is more of a narrative device than anything gameplay oriented, which makes it kind of a weak approach in my eyes.
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