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Originally Posted by hugtrecu View Post
Exactly, it does so very well. Maybe it's perhaps not the musicians but the designer's fault for these problems. One of my favorite video game composers though is Yoko Shimomura, she sees music in a way that I believe it was meant to be seen. Nowadays, most people would say this about the music in video games (And I quote) "Who the fuck cares about the music?! It's not important to the game!"
Yeah... And it also feels like another knife was stabbed through my heart today (Along with my hatred for Street Fighter 4 and it's popularity). Kidz Bop Beatles... Does someone hate me or something? *Sigh* Feels like every time I'm upset, something has to make it worse "-_- But anyhow, if it's truly the designer's fault... I hope there's one that has his head on right. It seems like most of the people making games nowadays couldn't give two craps about actually making the games sometimes, and care more about profits. Maybe that's just me though.
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