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Originally Posted by Mech View Post
Why do you keep ripping on Soulja Boy? Music is far more than sounding good, it's about creating a relationship with the listener. Soulja Boy is talented, give him some credit. If you are serious about creating music for video games you should be more open to why music/acts are popular, not just your skewed opinion of what sounds pleasing.
I don't want to create music for video games, I just love music. I'm dissing Soulja Boy cause you can tell there's no passion in his music, he just makes repitition. Popularity means SQUAT in the situation cause anyone can do what he does with little effort. Just find something catchy, repeat it over and over again, and viola, you're soulja boy. There's even no effort in making his musical compositions. My friend who knows shit about music did can play that one stupid song that's popular "Superman" or whatever the Heck it's called. Eminem is a musician, Biggie is a musician, Soulja Boy is a disgrace to music everywhere.
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