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Originally Posted by Siberianhusky89 View Post
I don't want to create music for video games, I just love music. I'm dissing Soulja Boy cause you can tell there's no passion in his music, he just makes repitition. Popularity means SQUAT in the situation cause anyone can do what he does with little effort. Just find something catchy, repeat it over and over again, and viola, you're soulja boy. There's even no effort in making his musical compositions. My friend who knows shit about music did can play that one stupid song that's popular "Superman" or whatever the Heck it's called. Eminem is a musician, Biggie is a musician, Soulja Boy is a disgrace to music everywhere.
You have absolutely no idea about the music industry at all. Anyone can do what he's doing? Why are you not famous? Why am I not famous? Just "find" something catchy? Are you kidding me? He has talent, whether you like the song or not has no relevance. Of course there is effort in making his musical compositions. It's called minimalism man, the song would have failed if he layered the song with masses of instruments/melody/chord progressions/polyrhythms/whatever. The steel drum loop makes the song. Why are you dissing repetition? All music uses repetition, even your beloved Radiohead, it wouldn't be music otherwise. It sounds like your the one that doesn't know shit about music here, not your friend.
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