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Originally Posted by Mech View Post
You have absolutely no idea about the music industry at all. Anyone can do what he's doing? Why are you not famous? Why am I not famous? Just "find" something catchy? Are you kidding me? He has talent, whether you like the song or not has no relevance. Of course there is effort in making his musical compositions. It's called minimalism man, the song would have failed if he layered the song with masses of instruments/melody/chord progressions/polyrhythms/whatever. The steel drum loop makes the song. Why are you dissing repetition? All music uses repetition, even your beloved Radiohead, it wouldn't be music otherwise. It sounds like your the one that doesn't know shit about music here, not your friend.
Funny... Considering I'm a keyboardist and bass player, I don't know anything about music. Considering I know how to learn every single 9th of a chord just by looking up one by theory, apparently, I don't know shit about music. Considering that I put a shitload of hard work into what I do, and see that it gets popular just because some loser who obviously has no passion for his shit at all, I know NOTHING about music. Considering that you probably don't even know every single note that's existent in an octave. C, C#/Bb, D, D#/Eb, E, F, F#/Gb, G, G#/Ab, A, A#/Bb, B, I don't know shit about music, and I wrote that without looking it up. Can you name me all the notes in a C major, C minor, C Augmented, C Diminished, or even a C Major 7th?

List of all C chords I shall name and a way to get all these for each chord's existence (How to get an Augmented chord out of an A Major 7th after finding out a C Major 7th or any 7th)

C Major - C, E, and G

C Minor - C, Eb, and G... Do you know why it's a C minor? Cause the 3rd was moved a half step down

C Augmented - C, E, and Gb... For every major chord, you can just move the 5th a half step down and get an Augmented

C Diminished - C, Eb, and Gb... For every minor chord, you move the 5th a half step down

C Major 7th - C, E, G, B... For every major chord, you add a note that's two steps up from the 5th, thus why it's called the 7th.

C Major 6th - C, E, G, A... For every major chord, you add a note one whole step up.

C Major 9th - C, E, G, D... This requires two hands in order to do it. You move one octave up and hit the key that's one whole step from the root note, that being C.

Anyhow, I never said minimalism and repetition were bad. Get your facts straight
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