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Originally Posted by Mech View Post
Thanks for the theory lesson buddy but i'm good for now, i'm a music graduate so I don't need your would-be grand standing. The fact that you're using "complex" music theory to prove that Soulja Boy's hip hop(key term here, don't miss it) song proves how little you really know about music. There's far more important reasons as to why popular music exists than how you voiced your chord progression or that you modulated to lydian to oppose the major scale. Cultural relevance will always take precedence. The guy was making music before he became "famous". He had a fan following before it was marketed all over TV/Radio. He obviously had a passion for what he was creating, he wasn't "invented".
Listen, I could care little to nothing about how complex something is. How can you say he was passionate when all he does is make songs that are about nothing? There's no sense of emotion within them as well. To call it music just because it has a "melody" and "harmony"? I don't play music and try to make it complex, I play what I feel or the passion that's felt. It's not like my songs are the most complex things over and I don't TRY to make it complex. People love my music or hate it. Can you honestly tell me that Nickelback is currently a great group? Maybe at one point they were making music for the passion of it, but now they're just trying to make sales. I'd never try to be a musician, not because I don't think I could make it, because oddly, everyone seems to think I could if I actually went out and tried, but because I don't want to be a part of what is called "music" today. There's minimalism and then there's... Whatever the Hell's on the radio... "I kissed a girl and I liked iiiiiit", I literally wanted to stab myself through the heart when I heard those lyrics from shitty ass Katy Perry. Anything to make a sale though I guess. As long as it's trying to make a sale, has melody, and has harmony, it's music and it's "good" music I suppose. Listen, don't be so rough though, you must understand that when I listen to these songs, it feels like something's stabbed through my heart and the emotion is gone. I'm not sure if you could understand that, however, I don't really expect anyone to do so. Things that've given me pleasure eventually die because one reason or another. I feel as if music dies a little more every day when Kids Bop sings The Beatles comes out or when people only like Michael Jackson now just cause he died, or some random song about Lolipop plays because people like it and it can make sales. Just one of the few things I have left though *Sigh*
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