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Originally Posted by Aurican33 View Post
Anyways, thank you for the encouragement.
You are welcome! We all need a little of that now and then.

Originally Posted by Aurican33 View Post
Btw: I have a C++ rpg (about the same programming level as final fantasy 5) I worked on for a good 4 months for fun in my last year of school - do you think if I finished, optimized the code, fully tested, and made it available online that it would help my chances? (as sort of a portfolio or something)
It certainly couldn't hurt! This type of thing is quite impressive, and I would think that if you could steer some folks to look at a website from your resume, you might just get the interest you're looking for.

In addition, I thought you might want to read this post, which talks about getting into the gaming industry via the QA route. Read the whole thread - there are people who talk about how they got hired on as programmers starting this way. Although it may be your goal to become a programmer, your expertise in code might help you work your way up from a more entry level position. Just something to think about - sometimes when you are starting out and changing careers (like me), you have to consider taking less money and doing a different task in order to get recognized for your true talent.

Best of luck to you!
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