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Default Imaginary Words

Hello everyone! I'd like to share my entry on these forums in case my submission doesn't get picked. Any feedback would be most appreciated.


Imaginary Words


On a lonely Sunday afternoon, Timothy was at the park with his parents when he said to himself, “I wish I had a friend to play with…” To Timothy’s surprise, a copper statue of a lady appeared right in front of him out of thin air, although this wasn’t exactly the friend he had in mind. In fact, he hadn’t the slightest idea that it was his own words that caused her to appear. Perhaps once he realizes his ability, he will wish for ‘a friend that is alive that is my age to play with.’ Regardless, these were the least of Timothy’s worries, for little did he know that he was being watched.

Powers like these don’t go unnoticed. The SUV in the background was filled with government agents ready to kidnap the unsuspecting boy, and only minutes later Timothy was on his way to a confined prison deep in the facility of an unknown government research lab. Timothy was tied to a chair. He cried and cried until he actually believed that he ran out of tears, when he uttered a single phrase: “I wish my hands were untied! Waaaaaa…” Suddenly, his restraints were undone and his hands were free for his use. Timothy was confused as to how this happened, but was slowly able to put the pieces together, and soon his mind was filled with colorful images of cats and dogs and unicorns and food, and any other fun things he could imagine. These mean government men were messing with the wrong kid, indeed.

Platforms: DS

Players: 1


Playing as Timothy, you will have to use the clever use of words to escape from the prison as quietly and discretely as possible stealth-espionage style. Unlike in Scribblenauts, the words are selected from a limited list of Timothy’s vocabulary because, well, those are all the words he knows, and Timothy needs to say them aloud. Of course, anything Timothy overhears the guards saying will be added to his vocabulary and will be able to be used to bring things to life.

By bringing up the ‘vocabulary’ menu, the player is able to tap words with the stylus and combine them together to form sentences to wish for things to come to your aid. For example, Timothy might be able to wish for a cat, which will not be of much help, or a vampire which will simply try to eat Timothy. But a cat-vampire… now that’s a different story. Creatures wished for by Timothy will be controlled by the computer.

Only one thing can be summoned at a time, and each time a word is used to bring something to life Timothy gets more and more tired. He is a child, after all, and frequent naps to regain brain power and energy is a must. To nap, the player needs simply to tap the Brain Power bar and Timothy will fall asleep. He will fall asleep right where he is standing for 30 seconds and the bar will slowly recharge, and it is up to the player to use this at an opportune moment where patrolling guards will not run into him. Since you are just a little boy, guards will not try to shoot at you when they see you but will rather walk towards you to pick you up and put you back in your room. Aside from the Brain Power bar, a menu button and a walk/run button lining only the top of the screen, the UI is fairly invisible. The stylus will be used to move Timothy around just by tapping a spot on the ground, and while the stylus is held on this spot Timothy will walk or run towards it.

Imaginary Words uses very serious espionage/stealth gameplay and combines it with extremely child-like themes to deliver a truly heartwarming experience.
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