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Default Resume for QA position

Hi Everyone,

I'm submitting a resume for a Quality Assurance (Game tester) position at a local game developer. Any criticism you can give me would be much appreciated.

I tailored the resume to stress that I can work hard and dedicate time (the Vector Marketing work experience) and that I have writing skills (the philosophy courses and the affiliation with the schools news paper).

I added a few amusing video game references (High int. modifier). If you've got an opinion on whether or not they work, or don't work, or don't work but could if I tweaked it a little bit, please let me know.

Does anyone think this is the kind of resume that might get a QA job? Do accepted applicants typically have more experience with computer hardware or programming?

If anyone is familiar with the controversy surrounding Vector Marketing, let's keep it out of the thread, please.

Thanks a lot guys.

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