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I havent played too much hockey on the 360, but I kill it on 2k6
I can beat franchise mode (hardest frachise difficulty, hall of famer gameplay, custom settings with cpu max everything, human min everything) and get thru the season only losing 3 or 4 games.

If I'm playing with one buddy of mine, we'll go undefeated all season.

I used to play XBL, but didnt want to pay anymore so I never got to do 2k6 on it.. only 2k5 - but I still killed it there, I remember being 45-5 one month...

I've been a leafs fan since I was just a little tyke!

as for other sports:

-I'm an avid baseball/football fan..
-basketball for the toronto raptors (i'm canadian )
-I LOvE UFC and all mixed martial arts

You know what guys, before I list every sport in the world here, I'll just say I love all sports for the competitive nature.. its great to see people at their peak competing.

I really really love baseball though.. Its so technical. People say its boring but everything is calculated - the swings, pitches, fielding, baserunning.. its all strategically planned.. Awesome sport.

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