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Default Is what my friend says true?

Basically, my friend wants to be a game designer as well, but he says it's practically "A must" to learn how to program or do 3D models in order to become a game designer. After reading Tom Sloper's Article though, it seems more or less that you'd need to learn about them, but not necessarily know how to do them to a professional extent and you should pursue the knowledge in the field you're most interested in. I mean, it's also obvious that the things my friend mention will definitely boost your chances, however... After trying to program in one of my classes, it really wasn't a erm... "fun" experience for me. I didn't really enjoy it in other words, so I'm gonna try 3D modelling, however, I don't want it to be my job. I wish to only learn it so I can understand how to explain things and possibly do some work to create designs or general ideas of how I want something to look to a lesser extent. Anyhow, I'm a bit nervous cause I'm pretty sure I read that Programming, Designing, and Art were different parts of the industry.
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