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Wow! Sounds like you didn't read much of Tom's site, or you would have very quickly discovered that he's definitely not going to answer those questions.

The best degree for you to get is whatever degree you WANT to get. If it's something you enjoy studying, chances are it can get you a job you would enjoy doing. Pretty much any four year degree can get you into the game industry in one position or another. And if you studied something you like, chances are you can get a job you like even if you're having trouble getting hired at a game studio.

You will definitely not get hired to make your own game but with a game company. If you get into the game industry, work your way up, and get many years of experience, maybe you could start your own studio someday and be able to make your own games. But even then, you'd have to be flexible and work with your team instead of making all the decisions yourself.

If you want to start working on games, you'll need to prepare yourself for an entry level job in the industry. Some entry level jobs are: quality assurance, junior programmer, junior artist, assistant producer, and level designer. Do some research on these roles, or any other entry level roles you find out about, and see if any of them look interesting. If so, build a portfolio around that position while you're at school.

The bottom line is, you have to have some marketable skill to get hired.

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