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Cover Letter: Instant bin. There was no substance that demonstrated that you possessed the skills for QA. Ability to work very hard? Not a skill. Excellent communication skills? Give a tangible example. The last line is what killed it for me:

"I will be an excellent Quality Assurance intern. Please review my resume and contact me if you have any questions. I will call you on Friday, the 22nd to ask about scheduling an interview."

THEY will contact YOU if they are interested in a giving an interview. This makes it look like you think you are automatically good enough for an interview and that they should wait for you to contact them to give you an interview. Very presumptuous.

CV/Resume: Inconsistent styling. For example you you use : and - interchangeably and you missed - for a bullet point. Not great when the job calls for attention to detail. Random use of italics.

"Currently learning Python and ActionScript scripting languages" is not a skill as you haven't learned it yet. This should be in the cover letter if anywhere.

"Recognized for unique leadership abilities " such as?

"Established goals and followed through" example?

"Halo LAN Parties" how many attended? Why were they successful?

"D&D: Dungeon Master for two campaigns" What were they? What personalities?

"Directed 2 short plays" Which were? How were they successful?

"Proficient with Word, Excel and PowerPoint" How proficient? Can you use macros in Word and correctly use the Styling and Formatting features?
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