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Thanks for responding so quickly!!!

With regards to your questions....

Is this a group game?

YES (and no)...users will be charged with tasks to be completed throughout the week to be completed on their own (or within the workplace), but ideally will be responsible to other group members as well as paired with them during the end of the week "challenges"

A board game or an electronic game?
Users will receive daily emails with instructions, study materials, etc. to be worked on that day...ideally building towards the end of the week "challenge". Based on how we build the game, I can easily envision a website associated with the game that users can view in order to see a "leaderboard" or access extra information.

How long should a play session be?
How we would like to market this game is; short daily activities/assignments - possibly worth something for completing that last 15 min max. Ideally building towards a slightly more substantial activity/assignment at the end of each weekly "challenge". The entire game should last 6 weeks.

Does that help? Thanks so much for your insight,

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