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The others are correct. I am not trying to be negative.
I won't say I didn't feel the same way when I first read through Tom Sloper's site several years ago (a site which I still visit and reread regularly), but trust me reality will hit.
Most of my game related classes have involved an intense amount of work, particularly writing, and I haven't even been to one that is classified as a "writing intensive course". Pursuing the industry is a huge undertaking, and I still feel like I'm not where I need to be.
Oh and trust me, I would never tell anyone to give up. I'm going on 29 and pursuing a degree because I spent too much of my life listening to people who reacted negatively to me. I'm just saying be prepared to have your perception of reality altered at least a little when you enter a program. What I have done so far has been time consuming, and at times stressful. It has also been extremely rewarding. Do it, yes, but do your research. Read through Tom's site and everything that this site and its sister sites have to offer. THEN come back and ask questions.
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