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1) With quizzes, their scores could be automatically uploaded to the leaderboard via script (see #3). Perhaps completing a task reveals the answer to an otherwise impossible quiz question?

I like the idea of tasks revealing/unlocking the next day's quiz...however, I am still stumped on how to assign point value (100%, 50%) on silly quizzes. Its to much like school...any suggestions on how to assess users in a more engaging and fun way?

2) What types of themes will the challenges be? Application should probably depend on that.

Each week with have a designated leadership oriented theme, and each day of that week will focus either on personal development or application (outside of the Friday Challenge). In this case, application would mean demonstrating the skills they learn about in the workplace and then somehow developing some system to assign a point value to it (i.e. should they develop some sort of reflection artifact?)

3) The players submit their scores to a special server that runs a grading script which automatically updates the leaderboard based on # of resubmissions and score. I know this can be done because it's essentially how my homework is graded, though I don't know how to do this myself. Note that since this game is new, you'll likely run into all sorts of problems and so players will probably want to contact you outside of Friday challenges regardless.

I certainly like the autograding idea. However, as I mentioned in Q1...I am envisioning more of a self-grading or less quantitative way of assessing them and focus more on how they can perform and find some unique way for them to accumulate points based on that performance? Make sense?

Thanks for the help..I really appreciate being able to bounce ideas of you.
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