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Originally Posted by Kodiak View Post
Yes, but this is the truth for most martial arts. You simply cannot practice them 'all out' without hurting others. They have been modified to ensure their practitioners are not seriously harmed in their quest to improve their skills. However, at their origin many years ago, they were intended to hurt and finish the fight.

If anything, the concepts you learn while practicing at your dojo probably don't require much modification/improvisation/inspiration to turn into something more dangerous should the situation call for it. Given the fighting context of the game, it isn't unreasonable to assume that the character has adjusted his art accordingly.

If this isn't the way you want to go, perhaps you could explore the avenue of imposing penalties to the opposing character, such as slowing his actions down for a time while he is under the re-orienting effects of the punches/kicks?
Possibly... I was thinking of giving him a command move so that he'd kind of use a push that'd cause the opponents to be thrown back a bit. I'm probably going to ask my Sifu if he'd help me with this problem as well, he might know what I could possibly do. With Tai Chi, there are more deadly moves and such, however, the most deadly was probably the weapons form because back then, they didn't really have guns to use.

This is Taiji Chaun (Chen Style). Some of the stuff he's doing is just for flash, but otherwise, this is how Tai Chi is. I will try to take your advice though. Also, notice how he isn't attacking first, but being attacked.


It's more of a Street Fighter type thing (Not exactly like that at all, but that's the closest I can determine it as since it's an easy example). Also, doing such a thing would cause problems. The thing is, with most fighting games, people normally want to face 1 on 1. So using the mouse to throw would cause too many problems because you can't connect 2 mouses (From my knowledge) onto 1 computer (Unless maybe it's USB or something), not to mention that normally, a keyboard would cause problems in a fighting game.

Example: Online, when I play a fighting game, it's kind of a nuisance to fight with a keyboard and you're kind of thrown off your game because you can't perform a move properly or as well as you should be able to.

Thank you for trying though. : )
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