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Default Costume Design in Video Games

Hi, this is kind of a new world for me. I'm a costume designer, and I work primarily in theatre, with a little film work on the side. But, as you might imagine, it's not the most lucrative career, and it involves far too many 120 hour weeks. So, I'm considering some alternate career options. My husband got Assassins Creed II for Christmas, and, as I was watching him play it, I realized that there are hundreds of background characters and extras in the game, all of whom are wearing period (ish) costumes.Which means, someone had to design them.

The idea of designing for actors who don't lose buttons, don't drop hems, don't get their costumes dirty or torn, no matter who's shooting at them, or how high a building they fall off has some definite appeal. And, I have a toddler, so working 18 hour days for theatres that can't cover my childcare is becoming impossible.

So, here are my questions; is there such a job as a costume designer for video games? A friend who's a successful video game animator suggested that I get some training to become a 3D modeller, but even he wasn't sure if that was the right track. I'm not a computer wiz (although I'm fairly handy with PhotoShop and can write HTML, so I _can_ be taught), and I don't want to end up learning how to implement other peoples' designs. I don't mind learning how to implement my own designs, but the designing is the key part of this for me.

What is the job for me, in the video game world? Considering I have over 6 years of professional design and 20 years of fashion history under my belt (but no actual degrees), what further education do I need? What computer programs should I become proficient in? What degree or certs do I need to impress a video game production company? I live in Vancouver, so there's plenty around, but I don't know where to begin.

Please help! And please be specific and assume I know nothing about video game production, because that is actually the case.

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