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Originally Posted by nlazarus View Post
Hi, this is kind of a new world for me. I'm a costume designer, and I work primarily in theatre, with a little film work on the side. But, as you might imagine, it's not the most lucrative career, and it involves far too many 120 hour weeks.
What is the job for me, in the video game world? Considering I have over 6 years of professional design and 20 years of fashion history under my belt (but no actual degrees), what further education do I need? What computer programs should I become proficient in? What degree or certs do I need to impress a video game production company?
Well, N, that's an interesting idea. Although I've never heard of someone doing costume design for games, that doesn't mean it isn't a viable niche. You'd have to pitch your services to game art directors and game producers, and network a lot. And if you think the hours would be shorter in games, then you haven't heard about the game industry.
You might not necessarily have to learn any computer programs except how to make scans, use Photoshop, and the use of email, IM, and ftp (file transfer protocol). You might not have to put the costumes directly on 3D models (most likely you'd just need to design the costumes on paper), but the more you can offer (3D model texturing for example) the more work you can get.
If you want to pursue this, you'd have to figure it all out yourself, since you're blazing a new path.
By the way, this isn't a Game Design question - it's an art question (graphics, visual arts).
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