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Originally Posted by Adrir View Post
Just because you have a degree in something, that doesn't mean that you must have a job doing that thing. Simply, study something you are passionate about.
Yeah... I know... I mean, it just seems like if I was to go into an industry with that degree, they'd expect me to help with the music more than anything else, or help making the next Guitar Hero and such based off my credentials.


This reminded me of Hedonistic Calculus actually... It's not that I'm attempting to decide what would be best for game design, I'm just having such a hard time deciding what I'm most interested in so that I can major in it, plus, I'm a little concerned whether it'd conflict or.. well, you already answered that in 2. So basically, if I DO work on the music for a game, I could possibly and eventually help work on the other features for the game besides music?

Example: Let's say they're making a new fighting game and I want to help with some of the character designs. How would I go from music into helping with that?

For 3, I read what it said. The biggest problem is this, for crossing the line, it really depends. They might ask me to make something I don't want to, though, I'd doubt it somewhat... However, you can never be too sure. Street Fighter 4 attempted to make a club type techno song (A very, very popular genre in America). Did it fail? Yes, but they most likely did it to appeal to the majority and not for the passion of music. *Sigh* Anyhow, I don't want some producer to come up to me and go like "Alright, I want you to make a song like Miley Cyrus's" or "Lady Gaga is a hit, try to copy off of her." I'm not down for that...

For 4, I looked at 1. I'll try that method.
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