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Well, it's not that I'm appealing to the majority, it's the fact that I HATE the type of music that's popular (Not all). And making music that I put passion into or really worked on is something I enjoy, not some half assed, nonsensical song that's just trying to sell and has no emotion behind the instruments, lyrics, etc... But I get what you mean...


Well, not quite what I mean "-_- Like... For example, when you mentioned it before, you said I could probably make a game based on Bioengineering and such. But does that mean if I get a music degree, I'll have to work on a music based game? Cause I don't really want to work on the next Rock Band and such. Most of the bands on there (in my opinion) are suckyish. Get what I mean? It's not that you said it a second time, I'm more or less asking "Alright, I understand that I can get a degree in anything I like and that would be a good idea and I understand I could probably work on games. But because I have this degree, does that mean I'll have to work on only THESE type of games even though I wouldn't want to?" That's what I meant. It's not that I don't believe you, it's just I don't understand it too clearly, though I'm a bit slow to be honest.

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