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Default A suggestion to improve

Originally Posted by Siberianhusky89 View Post
I'm a bit "slow" (in a literal retarded way, but I don't believe I'm actually retarded.) I just have a hard time comprehending things is all : S Sorry if it seems like I'm not taking time to read what you're saying, I am, however... I just have a hard time comprehending what I'm reading.
Then, if you know this about yourself, I have a suggestion. You should try reading, then re-reading, then reading a third time, anything that seems to raise more questions in your mind. Then step away from the computer, go do something else for several hours at least (a night of sleep would be even better). Then, after having let the ideas sink in for a while, re-read the article and see if those unanswered questions jump out at you again.
What I'm suggesting is a powerful learning technique that could be very useful for you. And if you give yourself absorption time rather than immediately bouncing questions back to your patient advice-givers, you'll find that they don't tend to get so irritated or impatient.

As it stands, when you immediately bounce questions back, then you're asking the advice-givers to work harder than you do! You're the one who desires knowledge and understanding. So you should be willing to put in an effort to get it.
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