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Originally Posted by HagNasty View Post
Actually that's a bit of a misconception. When applying for a job (entry level for most people here) you want to show them the plain old things. This goes doubly for modelers. No robots or space aliens or sci-fi buildings. Instead make things that you would see every day but make them awesome. A few examples would be:
Unless they are in an interesting context such as part of a scene or environment, then it won't stand out from a collection of demos. There is a reason why most companies outsource to get these models done and that is because they are simple to do and easy to make them look good.

You are right, entry level modellers may need to do a lot of basic props while they are learning the ropes but when you hire them, you want to know they are capable of so much more. A portfolio of chairs and tables, regardless of how well they are rendered doesn't show this.

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