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Nope, I'm bouncing between three ideas.. lets see what ya'll think of them.

The first is a take on H.P. Lovecraft's mythos where you use fear to force your victims through the astral planes, making sure they avoid obstacles like other creatures that could devour them before you or reduce their fear and help them back to the mortal world. You'd have to balance between keeping the victims sufficiently afraid so they continue to move, but without driving them totally insane. Your tools would be sound (creepy music, massive foot stomps, etc) smell...represented by particles, your very essence...which, as a dark god could easily drive the victims insane of not used sparingly (a pulse flows from a point on the screen, out like a ripple of water.) Thats the one I've been thinking most about, but will be the hardest for me to implement.

The second is a simple idea of a lase pointer and a puppy, keeping it playful enough to follow your laser and other toys or treats through obstacle courses.

The last idea is sort of an RPG, where instead of playing as the hero, you play as the people in his life; giving him advice, chores, or if you're his girlfriend yelling at him that you need more jewelry. The hero would decide whether or not to trust you based on how previous things went for him. I'm not sure yet how battles would go, or even if there would be any battles that are played through, since the game would be more about creating a story.

Let me know what ya'll think
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