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Default Full Sail Questions and General Animation Question

I am looking for someone who has attended, has a friend who attended, or knows about Full Sail.

I am wondering whether or not I should apply for the Computer Animation or Game Art program. I eventually would like to work in Animation for videogames or film as a 3D animator, modeler, or lighting and shading, any of these related fields.

My main question is this one in Bold:
Do you have to be a good free hand artist to succeed as an animator or does it mostly rely on your knowledge of the software that your using (maya)

How much free hand drawing are in these programs?
Which program would you recommend and why? (I feel that computer animation broadens you to both the film and game industry, while the game art degree limits you mostly to a career in the tough and competitive videogames industry.)
Do you know any major differences in the programs?

Thank you
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