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I recently just started Full Sail Online program in game art. To answer your main question no you do not. My first class is 3d foundation and that is a beginning course that introduces you to the whole process(rigging,modeling,textures etc.) which you will do more in depth in future classes. Once I started the process I realized that you don't need to be a good free hand artist but it benefits you to improve on that aspect as you need to learn the shape of things. One of my first assignments involved creating a model out of one shape!!. I also had to do a story board which required free hand drawing but it didn't have to be spectacular just finely polished. My instructor says(w/maya) your success is dependent upon your ability to use the software quick and efficiently.

When I first inquired about the game art class, I was told that your more of a generalist meaning your not stuck to just video games. As of now both game art and computer animation majors are together until future classes.

I honestly don't see a great deal of difference between the two. With gaming your limited in the amount of polygons you can use while computer animation will always use the biggest amount of polygons available I believe that's were the two differ.

Also depending on your choice of online or campus it's very accelerated(one month per class online 2 classes per month on campus) and you will be judged on the quality of work. Full Sail is very serious about their quality standard and I'm aware that if their not satisfied that I'm producing that quality, I may not be able to move forward until they feel I am..or not at all.

Hope this answers any questions you may have.

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