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Default Aspiring Game Designer with ADD trying to Focus D:

I am at the middle of an Engineering College right now (Industrial Automation and Control), but what I really want to do is work with games.

There isn't a good Game Development course where I live, online courses are too expensive, so I gave up on a degree in game development.

But I really, really want to work with games. I am passionate about it, and some friends say my articles about game design are quite good.

So, I really want to make small, indie games to build up my portfolio, I know this is important and that it would be quite good for me. But I have attention deficit disorder, so for me it is VERY difficult to stay focused on a project for time enough to complete it.

Yes, I am planning to take some meds and do some therapy to help me with ADD, but I wanted something to help me with making games as well. You know, I like pretty much everything related to games... I like to draw, to model, to program... but the part I excel at is game design, I suppose ( it's certainly not drawing or modelling, as I am starting these things only now ). So I can make a simple game alone, but my mind gets lost whenever I try - like I said, for me it is pretty hard to focus on a single project for long enough to finish it.

I'd consider an online course if they weren't so expensive, because the "I have to do this because my teachers are gonna ask for it" would help me stay focused

Because this isn't a possibility, does anyone have a good advice?

I could ask for a good book for an aspiring game designer, but this alone won't be of much help, I need something to really focus on - like a project.

I want to try making a game for Experimental Game Play, but I don't feel so confident about my skills right now.

I don't know, is there any sort of group of "hey, let's make a game this week"? I don't know, a good group to give me challenges perhaps?

Thank you guys for any advice
And I am really sorry for any grammar erros! >_<
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