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Originally Posted by tsloper View Post
That's a big problem, since you aspire to work in an industry that demands focus for long periods of time.
For now, just continue working with your doctor to try to get your condition under control, and continue working on your education, and do a lot of reading. And I have some suggestions for design-related things you can do at
Yes, I know this is a big problem, but I am confident I will eventually have this under control - I already am pretty good sometimes, or I wouldn't have gotten so far on my college

I am reading a lot. I love your site, I've been there countless times xD But now that you mentioned it, I am looking at your list of recommended books :)

Thanks for the advice.

Originally Posted by Slather View Post
I can't give any advice, but I'm in a similar situation. I'm almost positive I have mild ADD, but my psychiatrist thinks its depression that's causing my ADD symptoms (I think its the other way around).

Anyway, I now have two unfinished "prototypes" because its difficult to focus on the same project (with all the tedious chores involved) long enough to complete. I feel like if I had someone to develop with, we could keep each other focused by relying on one another, and encouraging the other to stick with it.

If you're interested in talking with me about game design ideas or possibly collaborating, my email is on the front page at my site ( If you looking for projects that need help, see the "Collaborate" forum here, or the "Help Wanted" forum at, or the forums at

By the way, your grammar is great. Good luck! :)
Hi :) Try a doctor that treats more kids, they usually have more experienced with ADD. I've also been diagnosed with depression, altough I probably was depressive at some point too.

I have tried to work with others, but this didn't help me feel motivated... I don't know, I always was more of a lone wolf so I tend to feel more annoyed about other people than anything else. I mean, there are some good friends that like to make games too, but every time we try a game, I don't know, it just doesn't work.

I will try to frequent this forum and the TIG source one, perhaps. Maybe I can find an answer out there ^^~
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