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Originally Posted by kbaxter View Post
Keep an eye out for events like Global Game Jam ( where you can spend all weekend making a game, and have to present it to everyone at the end. It's really surprising how motivating something like that is, and how much you can get done.

Around Boston where I live, there are fairly regular smaller creative-jam events like this, which some indie game developers, artists, film-makers, and writers participate in. Maybe there's something similar near you?
There is no Game Jam or anything like that near where I live, so I have to rely on the internet for that.

But that's a good idea, too. I will try to improve my skills a little bit further (programming, drawing) so I can do something like that... it would be pretty cool.

And when I learn how to deal with my ADD, perhaps I can organize some game jams where i live, that would be pretty cool :)

Originally Posted by Sofa King View Post
If you want empathy, you got it, haha. I too have ADD, and it is SEVERE. I've had it since I was about five years-old, and it pretty much ruins your life if you don't get treatment for it. I take meds for my ADD but it only helps so much. And I totally sympathize with you when you say you can't complete a project - almost nothing in my life has been completed unless I've HAD to do it. Looks like more meds for my ass, haha.

I too am interested in many aspects of the industry, game design, art, writing, I can do some programming, but I'm a VERY right brain person so that wouldn't suit me. And I'm with you on the team thing, it's especially hard when you're not a very outspoken person. I'm assuming you're a reserved kind of cat too, my advice is: We're just gonna have to put up with the team environment. Normally, I'm one for advocating to strengthen your strengths instead of strengthen your weaknesses, but the team environment is a huge part of the industry from what I hear, and if we want to make it in the field, we gotta suck it up. Can't make a hit game on your own. Well, I guess you could, but it would take a looooong time. I know, it sucks haha.

I can imagine you don't have it as bad as me because you can actually start a game project. I probably can't give you any good advice because I'm in a similar position, but hopefully my horrible ADD will make you feel a little better about yourself.:)
Goodness! I really hope you learn how to deal with your ADD. Yes, it can be pretty hard, I know it. Sometimes I just sit down and cry because I can't deal with all the things that are on my mind >_<

And Yes, gotta learn how to work in teams... I am better at this than I was a few years ago, but I still am very quiet and tend to do things alone... :p

Originally Posted by jwalters View Post
I'm sorry I can't really empathize with the ADD since I've never been diagnosed with it. But I would like to encourage you to see if you can use it to your advantage. Even though I can focus on a project, specific parts can be very tedious and focusing too long on something can get stressful. If you can instead find a way to work on one small chunk at a time (or shifting gears between multiple small chunks you're currently working on) you might be able to create something cool in time.

Best of luck, and I hope you find the method that works best for you to get your where you want to be!
Yes, I was talking with a friend the other day and he said something like that... every project has some tedious parts on it, that everyone procrastinates because of that.

And then he said I should try to do small blocks of things, because seeing something being done would help me get even further. That's what I am trying to do... focusing on small tasks... reading books, making small things, making notes and little documents about my ideas... that kind of thing.

Let's see how this works out this time :p

But thanks to everyone who replied, really :) It was good for me to say these things aloud...
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