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You guys. Lazer thingy is working super smoothly now. Stoked. Now to get some frigging game elements in there! :P
Oh btw, reflecting beams turned out to be super easy. For vertical mirrors, I can just invert the value to get the reflected beam, that is, [FONT="Courier"]f(x) = -x[/FONT]. So for rotated mirrors, I can just subtract the rotation of the mirror of the rotation of the beam (to virtually rotate the mirror in vertical position), invert the value, and add the rotation back again. Thus: [FONT="Courier"]f(x) = -(x-mirrorRotation)+mirrorRotation = -x + 2*mirrorRotation[/FONT]. Crazy easy! Just FYI.

Originally Posted by bob View Post
I know I was really pumped about this challenge when it was announced, but I probably won't turn anything in.
That's too bad. Care to show us what you got so far? I love seeing prototypes; gives me an impression of how others tackle the development process.
I wish the big game devs would give us peaks at their prototypes more often. They rarely do!
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