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One of the judges has just sent me his results. His name is Andrew and was a mobile games producer at one of the companies I previously worked at.

Placeholder Pawk 13/25

Originality 3/5

Certainly new concept which brings back memories of old text adventure games, but it's difficult to work out what is actually happening and how to get consistent results from the character. It is useful to remember than when you're introducing a new gaming style, you should give very clear instructions to the user on how to control the game andd what the goal is.

Audio 0/5
No audio that I could hear.

Playability 1/5
As I mentioned above I found it very difficult to figure out just what was happening as I entered text, or indeed how to produce recreatable results. Anything I did manage to do was typically by pure luck.

Stability 4/5

The game appeared quite stable, alhough I did have issues getting the initial instruction text window to close.

Performance 5/5
The speed of the game seemed fine on my netbook with no noticable peaking or slowdown.
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