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PewPew Lazor 13/25

Originality 3/5

A nice concept although I have seen other similar games in the wild. I managed to get to a state with 4 mirrors and the pattern seemed to be the same:- After destroying several targets a new mirror is added to the mix. However I found that the easiest way to play was to position the mirrors near the edge of the play area and sweep the area by rotating one mirror, which made it a bit easy. I don't know if later levels do this, but I'd suggest a variety of obsticles like fixed walls and prisms that refract a laser into two seperate ones etc.

Audio 0/5

No audio that I could hear.

Playability 4/5
I found this game pretty ennjoyable. It gave me that "just one more try" feeling, which is ideal for ay game. The controls were very inuitive and there was virtually no learning curve. I only wish there were more challenges as you progress

Stability 5/5
Stabiity seemed fine. I played for quite a while with no crash issues

Performance 1/5
Unfortunately the performance of this game was very poor. The framerate started quite low and got increasingly worse as more mirrors were added to the game, making accurate aiming with the mirrors quite time consuming. The good news is that there should be some easy optimisations that can be made to increase this back up to a good speed.
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