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Sketch Lemmings 15/25

Originality 2/5

I like the twist on the original lemmings game here. It's like a cross between lemmings and line-rider. The limited paint supply & time limit on lines is a good touch, but I would like to see a little something more than just drawing platforms for you lemmings.

Audio 2/5
The music did have a Lemmings feel to it, but could do with a little more variety and some sound effects.

Playability 3/5
There was a certain infuriating charm about this game. I soon decided that it would be almost impossible to complete the 2nd and 3rd levels with 100% success, but it didn't stop me from trying. It would be nice to see more levels, I think you could get some really interesting combinations with the right level designs.

Stability 5/5
Stability seemed fine to me, not much more to say really.

Performance 3/5
The performance was good, except (one my laptop) it would slow somewhat whilst drawing a line, and when the line disappeared. This didn't seem to be a problem on my more powerful pc, but there is room for optimisation.
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