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Default Apprenticeship as a Game Producer/Projectmanager

Hi Guys,

my name is Jonas I am 22 and from Germany. I always loved games and after finishing school I decided to become a game designer and later a game producer. So I planned to go two years to Vancouver Film School (VFS) and attend their "Foundations in Visual Art & Design" and "Game Design" programms. I came back (to germany) from Vancouver two months ago and decided not to return to Vancouver for my second year. I realized that the two programms aren't really good and I didn't want to waste all my college money on my second year there. The last two month were really confusing because I didn't really now what to do next. I still wanted/want to work in the industry as a Designer/Producer but decided not to attend game specific schools anymore. Mainly because I was disappointed by VFS (the two programs I took).
Three weeks ago I found an job opening for an apprenticeship as a Game Producer/Projektmanager on the web. I send a mail to the HR person and one week ago I send my resume. Now I am waiting for their response. The apprenticeship would be at a Ubisoft owned developer studio (Blue Byte) here in Germany. It would be a three year apprenticeship and I would get paid. Blue Byte develops the "The Settlers" series. I dont now if you know the games. They are well known here in Germany and pretty succesful.
Do you think this is a good opportunity to break into the games indusrty? I would love to get the apprenticeship I just wanted to hear a second opinion.
Besides that I woud really like to study part time and get a degree in Business Administration. Would that make any sense.
Sorry for the long post And thanks to everyone who takes the time to read it.

P.S. This is a great site/forum just found it a few weeks ago
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