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Sorry for the late reply, here are mine.

PewPew Lazor! by Protector One
Originality 4/5
Pretty original concept for the challenge given, I’ve seen similar games but this was pretty awesome.

Audio 0/5
Audio feedback is one of the most important things in games, there are lots of free libraries and things out there you can add sounds to your games with.

Playability 4/5
The game was very playable, I do wish I could grab anywhere on the reflectors to move them then on the ends to rotate but I understand why you went with this control scheme. I feel like the game is really easy though, like you can just take all of the other reflectors and move them off screen and just play with one reflector.

Performance 5/5
No performance problems, being in a browser is always nice too.

Stability 5/5
I didn’t encounter any game stopping bugs.

The Good
Really fun game, posting too twitter is awesome. Great time waster of an idea and fun to challenge yourself with. The game was very stable and I never had any problems with it. All in all great work.

Things to keep in mind and fix:
Sound adds a ton to the game! Having the ability to pause would be really nice as well.
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