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Sketch Lemmings by Claxon
Originality 3/5
Awesome idea!! My company made a game similar to this with the drawing mechanic. Having it be real time is a little tricky though.

Audio 2/5
Music was good but it would have been nice to have sound affects for the reactions in the game.

Playability 3/5
The control scheme is very intuitive and works exactly how you would expect. Having the game playing out in real time is a little hard when you are trying to redraw paths over and over again to keep saving guys falling in.

Performance 2/5
The game starts out ok but once all of the guys are on screen plus drawing the path it really starts to chug to a point that it is almost unplayable. This might be because of my laptop only having one gig of ram.

Stability 5/5
I didnít encounter any game stopping bugs.

The Good:
Great idea and some really fun art! The menu screens and music really added to the theme and feel of the game. The controls were really good.

Things to keep in mind and fix:
The performance really hurt this game; Iím guessing it was chugging because of all of the collisions it was trying to check. If that was fixed and you added in sounds the game would be great!
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