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Originality 3/5
I really like the idea you described on the forums and I understand why it didnít come out the way you expected. But it was a pretty cool idea.

Audio 0/5
Audio feedback is one of the most important things in games, there are lots of free libraries and things out there you can add sounds to your games with.

Playability 1/5
It took me a while to figure out what to do, after I typed and hit enter in Strength the game just completed itself. When I hit space bar it reset which would be ok if I wasnít trying to type out a sentence. The other word bars would not except letters when I pressed enter.

Performance 5/5
No performance problems.

Stability 0/5
I didnít encounter any game stopping bugs, the code was solid.

The Good
The game looked pretty good and was very stable. The idea was really cool but maybe to much for this short cycle. Having a help menu was also really good.

Things to keep in mind and fix:
Keep in mind how long you have to make the game, also sounds add a ton to the game.
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