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Originally Posted by Gshonk View Post
Sketch Lemmings by Claxon


Things to keep in mind and fix:
The performance really hurt this game; Iím guessing it was chugging because of all of the collisions it was trying to check. If that was fixed and you added in sounds the game would be great!
The actual collision detection is for each lemming is pretty fast. The collision is eassentially generated as an image with different colours meaning different things (Black = no collision, white = destroyable rock, red = indestructable). Then each lemming just checks the colour of a pixel by it's front foot. If it's solid thelemming walks forward, if not it falls. The thing that takes time is when it has to re-generate the collision cache, which it does when you draw a new line, and when the line disappears. I'm still working on making it faster though, becuase I think it could be a fun little game.
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