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Default Questions for game programmers

Hey guys, before asking any questions i guess i will give you all a brief describtion of myself first. I am current completing my course to obtain a diploma in IT. I enjoy programming business applications which are either web-based or windows-based. i am better than average but not one of the best in my school. I also have a passion
for gaming since i was very young, thus i have decided to go into the gaming industry
as a game programmer.

However after researching, i found out that maths was very a very important aspect of game programming. I was sad to hear about this as i am seriously very bad in this particular subject.

So the questions to you guys are :
1. How much different is programming with .net technology compared to programming with the technologies used in game programming? Because I dont remember needing much maths when programming with C# or

2. How intensive is maths being used in game programming? Do i stand a chance to catch up against those who already have good maths skills since i need to relearn
whatever maths subjects which are needed to program a game. I dont mind learning another language though. Its the maths i am worried about.

3. Or do you guys think i should pursue another kind of carrer?

My current plan is to try out digipen Singapore after my national service.
Any advice is much appreciated.
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