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0. i found out that maths was very a very important aspect of game programming.
A. It isn't that important.

1. How much different is programming with.....
A. Different API, different language. The premise is still the same, you are solving problems with code. You will find that you will be using a huge range of tools as you could be working on various platforms and the SDKs can vary hugely.

2. How intensive is maths being used in game programming?
A. If you do anything with graphics and physics, you will need a very decent knowledge of apllied maths. As a gameplay programmer, I mainly deal with logic more then maths. However, I suggest knowing how 3D maths can be used (vectors, matrices and quanternions).

3. Or do you guys think i should pursue another kind of carrer?
Does it matter what we think? What you think matters.
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