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Here's more the sort of angle we're going with. The opening chapter will use interviews and stories from game writers to address key questions about how to break into game industry as a game writer and also how to stay in. The chapter will also reference the SIG surveys for statistical content.

I might be missing some questions, but here's what game writers will be asked:

What is your “breaking in” story?

What kind of degree/schooling is best?

Would the lack of a college degree create a barrier to entry-level jobs?

Who are the people you should try to network with? (i.e., who can hire you?)

What are some strategies for job interviews?

What should game writing portfolios include?

Which conferences should you attend?

What online resources are available?

What other resources (like books) can help?

What pay rates can you expect for writing positions, both starting and advanced?

What sorts of jobs lead to writing positions?

What other writing jobs cross over into games writing?

How does someone get their writing skill known when reaching across division lines?
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